Welcome to experience HeatQuiz

HeatQuiz is a mobile and desktop application intended to teach, train, and practice the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer. The game-based learning approach targets bachelor and master students.

HeatQuiz covers the topics of conduction, convection, radiation, and mass transfer.

Utilizing the concept of game maps, students have access to different question series. Each question series comprises 5-8 questions which need to be answered in a row.

With the following links, you have access to the current question series. Please note that the current version works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge only:

HeatQuiz is available as a desktop and mobile version. You can directly access the map via the provided links

Radiation: View factors (desktop / mobile)

Radiation: Surface brightness and energy balances (desktop / mobile)

Conduction: Temperature profiles (desktop / mobile)

Conduction: Heat flux profiles (desktop / mobile)

Convection: Fundamentals (desktop / mobile)

Mass transfer: Concentration profiles and fundamentals (desktop / mobile)