Welcome to experience HeatQuiz.

HeatQuiz is a mobile application intended to teach the fundamentals of heat and mass transfer. The game targets bachelor and master students. However, our intention is to include a tutorial that introduces the fundamental knowledge of heat transfer required to play this game.

The picture below represents a typical task showing a composite material of a good (right) and bad (left) conducting material. The crosses mean adiabatic side walls. The temperatures on both sides are given and the sketch indicates a lower temperature on the left side.

Choosing the correct solution

From everydays experience we know that heat is transfered always from the hot to the cold side. As such, you should choose a slope increasing from the left to the right side. Just click on one of the two bigger white areas!!

Specifying the slope

That was easy! But, do you also know the correct slope? Is it linear or not?

Now it is your turn

It seems to be fairly easy to specifiy the temperature profile for such a problem. But, we offer a wide variety of problems (more than 60) and some of them are not as easy.

If you want do give it a try, just download for free

HeatQuiz is currently under development for iOS.


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